Några ord från Storms elever

Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings forward and 7th round Red Wings draft pick: ”If you have an open mind, and strive to get the absolute most out of your skill set, then Thomas Storm is your guy. His eye and approach to situations connect in ways that truly set him apart. Thomas blends decades of experience with a keen, authentic focus on the individual and their development. I know this firsthand.”

Mattias Norstrom, LA Kings defenseman and captain: ”I would never, and I mean never, have made the NHL without Thomas Storm directly in my life from a young age forward. He is that important to me, and so very special on the ice. His brilliant and genuine attention to the needs of every single player he encounters is what sets him apart.”

Mike DeRenzis, AAA player: “Thomas Storm’s camp is no ordinary camp. I learned more moves and techniques in that one week camp then I have learned in any other camp. I found that I had improved dramatically after the first day! The best camp I have ever been in!”

Darcy Hordichuk, Nashville Predators forward: ”Thomas is an expert amongst experts. As hockey players, we train so hard, in all ways possible, to gain advantages. While training is great, it is only half of the puzzle. Thomas takes players to the next level, mentally and physically. I only wish I had met him 10 years ago.”

Kyle Quincey, Mississauga Ice Dogs defenseman: “My initial encounter to Thomas was at my first Red Wings rookie camp. His innovative techniques opened my eyes to what it takes to get to the next level. In a short period of time, there were clear results. His methods are not ordinary.”

Brad McCrimmon, Asst Coach with the Atlanta Thrashers, 1338 NHL games played: ”Thomas Storm defines the ‘teaching upward’ approach. What a special opportunity this will be for kids seeking to become the best. He teaches the mental and skill sides of the game with an extraordinary, global technique. He is simply excellent at what he does.”

Phil David, Coach of Toronto Jr. Canadiens Midget AAA Hockey Club: ”In a very short period, Thomas helped our players understand more about lateral movement and puck control at top speed than they knew they were capable of. His ability to draw the most out of players by challenging them to use their edges and balance in new ways was intriguing for the coaches and invaluable, if not exhilarating, for the players. We plan to tap into the knowledge of Thomas and Greg much earlier next season to enjoy the full benefit of their teachings.”

Gino Reda, Canadian sportscaster: “My interest was first piqued by the type of attention Thomas Storm has been drawing from NHL personnel who send their prospects all the way to Sweden to work with him. However, what truly convinced me was personally watching him work with my son and his teammates. The results were immediate and dramatic.”

Nils Ekman, San Jose Sharks forward: ”I have Thomas Storm to directly thank for all my skating and stick handling abilities. He is just the best at integrating technique to actual game situations.”